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Own and control your private water supply

You are entitled to drill a water well on your land and abstract up to 20,000 litres per day free of charge with no licencing requirement.

Vossbrook specialises in the provision of private water supplies for domestic and commercial clients. From initial site survey to final installation Vossbrook provides the total solution so that you will have your own independent water supply plumbed directly into your home or business.

Water Supply Independence

At Vossbrook we believe we can revolutionise the water industry in the UK. For generations we have believed that we have no choice, that our regional water company pumps water into our houses and businesses, that they have a monopoly on our water supply and that’s just the way it is. We simply haven’t been aware that drilling a borehole on our own land and pumping water from an aquifer to provide a private water supply is a very real choice. Vossbrook have drilled boreholes and installed private water supplies across the UK and we are working hard to increase awareness so that more and more homes can enjoy the benefits of a private water supply.

By investing in a private water supply you will benefit from free borehole water for life, safe in the knowledge that you own and control your water supply and that you can abstract all the water from your borehole that you will ever need with no restrictions. At Vossbrook we are passionate about private water supplies and we want to share that passion with you.

Modern Borehole Drilling Technology

Our drilling rigs are capable of drilling boreholes over 200m deep in any geological conditions which means that we can drill productive water boreholes almost anywhere in the UK and install borehole pumps and ancillary equipment to provide private water supplies to homes and businesses throughout the country. As the UK distributor for ZDS, the market leader in the manufacture of borehole pumps, we carry a comprehensive range of borehole pumps capable of flow rates from 500 litres per hour to 6000 litres per hour. This allows us to drill boreholes yielding the required volume of high quality water and install the right borehole pump to ensure a totally reliable private water supply.

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