Vossbrook start groundworks on Dairy Farm in Canterbury

Vossbrook will today start groundwork’s on a dairy farm in Canterbury, Kent. Vossbrook will be running the mains water connection pipes underground into the pump room along with a communication pipe from the borehole.

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Junior Kings School, Canterbury, make new order with Vossbrook

Junior Kings School have made a new order with Vossbrook to supply 40 x 25kg bags of Hydrosoft Granular softener salt. The salt delivered directly by Vossbrook will be replenishing the brine tank on a Vossbrook commercial water softener that was installed within the schools private water supply in 2013.

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Borehole headworks Installed at Littlestone Golf Club, Kent

Vossbrook have completed Littlestone Golf Club’s borehole’s system this week, Installing a pump control unit, pressure vessel and float switch. The shallow borehole is now producing 1.2m3/ph which will save the golf club 25% off their mains water bill per year.

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Borehole drilling completed in Slough, Berkshire.

Vossbrook have completed drilling and lining a 35 meter borehole for a Sikh Mosque in Slough, Berkshire.

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