Your Private Water Supply from Vossbrook

Water Choice and Flexibility

You are not obliged to rely on your regional water company for your supply of water. There is a very real choice. You are entitled to drill a water well on your land and abstract up to 20,000 litres per day free of charge with no licencing requirement. To put this in context the average home uses roughly 350 litres per day so 20,000 litres provides more than enough water to irrigate lawns, feed streams and lakes, fill swimming pools, and water livestock as well as satisfying all the water requirements for the home itself.

A Total Solution

Vossbrook specialises in the provision of private water supplies for domestic and commercial clients. From initial site survey to final installation Vossbrook provides the total solution so that you will be left with your own independent water supply plumbed directly into your home or business.

You will never pay water rates again, you will not be subject to hose pipe bans or any other usage restrictions, and perhaps best of all you will be entirely self sufficient in the most precious resource of all – water.

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