Domestic Private Water Supplies

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Water Freedom

With your own water well installed by Vossbrook you will enjoy the freedom of using water for all your domestic requirements without worrying about metred charges; freedom to water your lawn, wash your cars, fill your pool, water your livestock with no restrictions or concerns over hose pipe bans.

Water Control

As a landowner you own the air above your property and the soil and rock formations beneath it including the water contained in those formations; you own and control that water and are free to use up to 20,000 litres per day.

Water Quality

60% of mains water comes from recycled waste water and in order to maintain satisfactory quality through long distance pipes mains water contains chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals; your private water supply, with the help of simple filtration and no requirement for any chemicals, will provide pure drinking water of the very highest quality.

Water Sharing

One water well can supply several properties; club together with neighbours to enable one supply to be plumbed into several houses and share installation costs accordingly.

We had a private water supply put in by Vossbrook earlier this year; the whole process from drilling to installing the pump and connecting to the pipework in our home was handled in a very efficient and professional way; it seemed like magic to see crystal clear water being pumped out of the ground for the first time and we now have all the water we need from our own borehole.

H.R., Home Owner, Monks Horton, Kent
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