Private Water Supplies for Sports Clubs

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We have worked with many sports clubs, including golf, tennis, swimming, football and polo clubs, who have benefited from a private water supply linked to a water borehole to cater for all their water requirements ranging from irrigating sports fields to providing drinking and bathing water.

Lower Water Bills

As well as taking control of their own water supply sports clubs benefit from the huge savings of using water from a private supply compared with paying for metered mains water.

We asked Vossbrook to design and install a private water supply to contribute towards our water requirements for irrigating the golf course. They oversaw drilling and test pumping and were on site again to manage and carry out the installation itself which included a series of filters to remove fine silt from the borehole water. We now benefit from our own private water supply which contributes the first 20m3 of daily usage giving substantial savings on our water bills and ensuring that in the event of drought conditions leading to restrictions on usage of mains water we will still be able to irrigate our fairways and greens.

Keith Osbourne, Club Secretary, Ashford Golf Club, Kent

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