Borehole Pumps

Modern borehole pumps come in a wide range of specifications capable of delivering yields of anything from 300 litres per hour to 60,000 litres per hour pumping against heads of over 500 metres.

At the lower end of the scale a small wind turbine and photovoltaic solar panel connected to a 24v DC battery pack can drive a 4” borehole pump capable of delivering up to 420 litres per hour - ideal for remote locations requiring low yields and for installations where low running costs and environmental issue are primary considerations; while at the other end of the scale 6” borehole pumps running off 3 phase power are capable of producing over 60,000 litres per hour for industrial and agricultural applications.

Dry Run Protection Pumps

At Vossbrook we work with all the major borehole pump manufacturers including ZDS, Grundfos, Lowara, and Ebara. Different manufacturers have particular features that suit different applications but increasingly we install ZDS borehole pumps whenever possible as they are the only pumps available that have built in dry run protection (‘DRP’). DRP is an innovative electronic device that guarantees protection of the pump from dry running. If the water level falls below the pump the DRP will stop the pump immediately and will only restart the system after the borehole replenishes with water. The DRP also protects the motor from burning out in cases of repeated starts and stops which may be caused by the air in a pressure tank being low or by a damaged pressure tank membrane.

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