On Demand Water Technology

All Vossbrook installations incorporate either a fixed speed borehole pump with suitably sized pressure vessel and pressure switch, or a variable speed borehole pump in order to provide water on demand at a suitable flow rate and pressure.

Pressure vessel and switch solution

With the pressure vessel and pressure switch design the pressure will be set at the desired lower and upper levels, typically 3 to 4.5 bar, so that when a tap is opened the pressure in the pressure vessel will begin to fall. If the tap remains open for sufficiently long and the pressure falls to 3 bar the pressure switch will be triggered and will turn on the borehole pump. When the tap is closed the borehole pump will continue operating until the pressure rises to 4.5 bar at which point the pressure switch will turn the pump off and the pressure vessel will remain pressurised at 4.5 bar until water is called for again. This system allows for small amounts of water usage (for example, filling a kettle) without the pump needing to operate thus prolonging the life of the pump and reducing power consumption by avoiding the pump being turned on and off more than necessary.

Variable speed pump solution

Alternatively, a variable speed borehole pump can be installed in place of a fixed speed pump combined with pressure vessel and pressure switch. A variable speed pump will operate at different speeds depending on demand, so if one tap is opened the pump will be triggered but run at a low speed, when a second tap is opened the pump will immediately respond by operating at a faster speed, and so on. This system is the most energy efficient as the pump, by operating at variable speeds, never uses more power than is absolutely necessary; and the most consistent flow rates and pressure will be achieved regardless of demand.

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