Private Water Supply Filtration

Water quality and the type of end user will dictate what filtration or water treatment may be appropriate.

Geology affects filtration

The quality of water produced by a newly drilled borehole will vary dramatically depending on prevailing geological conditions. For example, boreholes drilled into chalk aquifers will normally provide hard but high quality drinking water requiring nothing more than simple particulate filtration; while boreholes drilled in sandstone formations in many locations will often produce water with a high iron content which can damage pumps and other equipment as well as encouraging microbiological growth. Iron can be eliminated by installing specialist iron removal systems.

UV filtration removes bacteria

If water is to be used as drinking water we will install a UV filter as a matter of course as well as a 5 micron particulate filter. The UV filter provides a quality guarantee by removing any bacteria that may be present in the water; and in the most sensitive installations such as schools and nursing homes we will install chlorine dosing systems to provide a further layer of protection.

Borehole casings prevent contamination

Modern boreholes are designed and built to protect water quality - plastic or steel casing, combined with bentonite grouting ensure that contamination is avoided. Old water wells, however, often with diameters of more than 3’, are usually brick built, and are difficult to seal effectively.

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